Our Story

Howdy! We’re Lorie and Kendall Baker, a true “mom and pop shop” (3 kids, 8 grandkids, 3 grandpups) based out of Euless, Texas. Our passion for printed products began in the 1980s, when we went all-in on a commercial printing company in Arlington, Texas. For 35 years, our shop serviced accounts big, small, new and old -- and we did it by making and maintaining a tight-knit relationship with every client who placed an order with us. We printed everything from massive ad poster campaigns for national restaurant groups to wedding suites for brides and grooms all over Texas.

Throughout the years, we grabbed a front row seat and watched as the industry evolved from fax orders and hand-drawn black and white artwork to online project requests and computer-generated full-color graphic design. We went from a company of two and a one-press-operation to a full-blown digital print shop with 20 employees. Eventually, as the commercial and personal printing industry went fully online and on-demand, we decided we wanted to not only adapt to the times -- but dwindle down and get back to our roots. So, in 2008, we launched an Etsy shop focused on custom printed labels. We brought the know-how with more than 40 years’ experience, and used our mom-and-pop savvy to grow our shop the same way we did back in the 80s: by developing one-on-one relationships and delivering on one-of-a-kind designs.

10 years, five-stars, and over 12,000 happy customers later, we’re in the midst of another printing evolution. As of May 2019, we officially shut down our Etsy shop and took matters back into our own hands with our own web shop; continuing to focus on those custom label designs and unmatched customer service. We personally design, print, finish and ship all of our products right here, by hand, one order at a time, because we want you to love every label.

Thanks for stopping by! We look forward to helping you mark every milestone
and label your life!